Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga

Awaken your female essence and full potential!


The limitless power and creative force, the unconditional love towards yourself and others, the fierce natural wildness, the abundant expansive pleasure – all lies within you already. Are you ready to re-discover and re-connect?

Empower yourself – in your sensuality, sexuality, orgasmic potential & creativity


Cultivating and strengthening our connection with Yoni will not only affect our sensual and sexual energy levels & our potential to experience sensual and sexual pleasure.

It also has an impact on every other dimension of our life: a deepened feeling of being at home in your body, an higher awareness and clarity of your needs and desires & a stronger determination to take action to get your needs met and to bring your desires into reality, elevated levels of love and gratitude towards yourself – your mind, psyche and body. It will affect how you treat yourself and how much you compromise in how you let yourself be treated by others.

Your Pussy aka Yoni is THE source

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for source and portal. It is the portal from duality into the divine and sacred non-dual reality. Yoni is also a symbol for the female energy, the goddess or divine mother. It is similarly used to name the female reproductive organs (vulva, vagina and womb).

For women Yoni is our natural center.

Our center of creativity: we have the potential to create new life there – how amazing is that!?! – but connected to this source we have also the heightened potential to create whatever we want: write a book, found and grow our own business, architect and plant the most beautiful garden, call in and sustain nourishing healthy relationships,… the list is limitless.

It is also our center of female lusciousness, pleasure, sensuality.

It is our female source of deep and authentic empowerment.

The practice is a combination of physical movements, asanas, breathwork & meditation

Contact me if you are interested in group classes or 1:1 sessions >> here.

It is more intense if you are practicing it with a Yoni Egg (preferable Jade). If you are interested in practicing with a Yoni Egg but don’t have one yet, drop me an email with any questions and I can set you up with one as well.

I created a beautiful 4-session-cycle that covers basic aspects of the practice as well as essential qualities of the Yoni. You can either attend the full 4-session-cycle or drop into single sessions. No previous experience is required.

  • Planting seeds through Self-Love
  • Deep Cleansing & Releasing
  • Tuning up & refining your Energy
  • Unleashing your natural Wild Power

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Daniela W., Berlin:

“Without really knowing much about Tantra I signed up for a Tantra Yoni Yoga class and was super curious but also scared. Let me tell you: you will keep your clothes on, it will be a bit sweaty but it won’t be weird (Melanie speaks about your Yoni in such a loving and subtle way) but the quite opposite. I found myself in a warm, comforting and shameless space where it was easy for me to concentrate on myself and gain experience in feeling me and my power as a woman. What I appreaciated most was Melanie’s calm and patient approach. She takes time for your questions at any point. All participating women were super unique in age, profession and you don’t have to be a Yogi, Spiri or anything but you. There is no right or wrong because Melanie teaches without pressure and expectations. I promise you it will be a time (and energy) well spent.”

(attended the “Refine your Energy” session)

Julia Berryman, USA

“What can I say about Melanie? She is a deep, powerful, amazing yoga teacher & coach with such a loving presence. I absolutely adored her Yoni Yoga Class. I have practiced a lot of yoga, but have never experienced a class that so beautifully incorporated my sexuality and sensuality. Melanie seamlessly blended traditional yoga with yoni breathing and meditation. It was such a new experience to connect to my yoni in such a loving way while flowing through different yoga poses. It honestly helped me have a much more embodied and enlivening yoga experience. Plus, Melanie created such a safe space for me to tune into my body, connect with my yoni and listen to her messages. After the class, my body felt totally different from when I’d started. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and turned on to life! 🙂 Even some shoulder pain I’d been having was almost totally gone. I highly recommend attending any class with Melanie!”

Daniela J., Yoga Teacher, Berlin:

“Danke dir noch mal für den schönen Workshop. Es hat mir wirklich sehr gut getan, vor allem weil es die ganze Zeit um Aufmerksamkeit, “im hier und jetzt sein” und minimale, ganz subtile Bewebgungen ging, die mir wiklich ein tolles Körpergefühl und mindset geschenkt haben.

Es war die erste Erfahung mit Tantra Yoga und ich bin auf jeden Fall interessiert an weiteren. Im ersten Moment habe ich wie sicherlich viele an “sexuellen Übungen” in Verbindung gebracht. Ich für mich habe aus den beiden Stunden mitgenommen, dass es um Bewusstsein und die Verbindung zu sich selbst geht. Es geht hier nicht um eine klassische Asana Praxis sondern um meditative behutsame Bewegungen, die einen tiefer Blicken lassen.  Und wenn man zu sich selbst ein gute connection hat, wirkt sich das ganz natürlich auf die Mitmenschen aus. Bin sehr neugerig auf jeden Fall. Das ganze im Hotpod hat einem zusätzlich noch ein sehr gut aufgehobenes Gefühl gegeben.”

(attended the “Self-Love” & “Release” sessions)

Frequently asked questions – and answeres.

Do I have to be a Yogi or familiar with taoist or tantric practices?

Come as you are 💗 Really!! You don’t have to be super-sporty, super-flexible, super-whatever. You don’t have to know anything about Yoga or Tantra or Taoism or the/your Yoni. In fact, it is better to come without any limiting expectations of your mind and just fully focus on your body and your very personal experience.

Is it religious, spiritual or do I have to belief in anything to make the practice work?

You don’t need to be spiritual or belief in anything! Although the practices come from ancient philosophical and spiritual Traditions, they do work on a very physical level. And I definitely won’t (need to) push you into believing anything. YOU will experience the effects in your body. It is all about what YOU feel and sense.  Forget about anything else.

Do I have to have a special connection with my Pussy/Yoni already to be able to do the practices?

You don’t have to be super connected to your Yoni or feel super-sexually turned on all the time. We all go through cycles all the time – and this applies also to our sexual energy. 💫 Or we have developed a numbness in our Yoni as a result of a very effective protection mechanism. The other “extreme” is possible and totally natural, too: you are feeling out of control when it comes to your sexual energy and desires. (I could talk about those topics for hours, but these short statements will do for this matter now). 
The important thing is: the practices we will do are very beneficial, awakening and balancing for EVERY women (unless you are pregnant).

Are we naked and is it sexual?

There is no nudity. You wear comfortable clothes that you are able to move in well. Like sports clothes or Yoga clothes. Sometimes we practice in the exclusive atmosphere of the Hotpod. This will be stated in the event announcement though. Although it is good to be dressed lightly there (37°C in the Hotpod) we will still all keep your panties on 😊

There will also be no explicit sexual touch during the sessions. We will most probably practice breast massage, but over our clothes. You don’t have to do it, if you feel uncomfortable with it. But it is such a beneficial and nurishing practice that I don’t want to miss to teach it and cultivate it so that you can include it into your daily routine at home.

I am afraid I have to do crazy things? How crazy will it get?

First of all, you don’t have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with!

Although it is good to get our of your comfort zone from time to time to stretch your limits, self-love is a fundamental principle that will let you grow sustainable. 🌺 I will honor your NO. Everything I say is an offer, you decide if you want to take it each step of the way.

But in general, I think your mind is highly creative imagining possibilities that are much much more “out of space and place” than the actual practices really are 😊

I am afraid that I don't understand all words and instructions.

I will explain all terms that might be unfamiliar and I will also explain every practice comprehensively. Usually, if it gets more complex I will also demonstrate for you.

I speak English and German (native) and will make sure that everyone understands what to do.

And you are always welcome to ask questions during the session, if you are unsure what I mean or what you should do or if you are doing it “right”.

How do I get most out of the practices?

Your full-hearted presence and self-loving intention is key. 💓 Simple as that. 

What is this mysterious Yoni Egg all about? Do I have to have one?

In the Taoist tradition empresses as well as the women and concubines of the emperors were exclusively introduced to the ancient wisdom of the Yoni Egg. Traditionally the eggs were made of high quality Nephrite-Jade. This is still the number one material I am recommending. The practices with the egg were said to cultivate strong health, magnetic beauty, heightened sensuality and sexual energy as well as spiritual energy.  

Although I personally love the Yoni Egg practice and am super convinced of it’s benefits – as I do the practices myself. it is not necessary for you to be familiar or practice with it.

You can do the sessions and practices with or without an egg. You will definitely still get amazing benefits out of it!

The advantage of the egg is, that it intensifies your experience as it activates your sexuality and also let’s you focus more easy on the exercise internally. It is like a boost to the benefits of the practices. In the cleansing and releasing exercises, it helps to remove energies out of your system. In the activating exercises, it helps you to turn on your sexual energy.

Where can I get one of those Yoni Eggs?

You can get one from me. Just reach out and I will set you up and share more details on how to treat the egg and what you can do with it outside of the Yoni Yoga sessions.

You can also order one online at my amazing shop Kamala.rocks

Playlists for 90-min Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga Intensive sessions


Feel free to enjoy my exclusively created and validated Spotify playlists to re-create the experience during our session together for your own practice in your own home.

Playlist 1

for Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga Session:

Planting Seeds through Self-Love

Playlist 2

for Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga Session:

Deep Cleansing & Releasing

Playlist 3

for Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga Session:

Tune up & Refine your Energy

Playlist 4

for Tao Tantric Yoni Yoga Session:

Unleash your Wild

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