What other people say about me

Coaching Experiences

"Working with Melanie means being seen and cared for. She's really aware of your needs and process and has a super kind heart. When I worked with her I had unclarity and a lot of emotions around a specific relationship. Using her amazing coaching tool box I felt a lot of space to process (and vent) my emotions and afterwards I knew what I wanted and desired in this relationship and had some tips and trics how to start this conversation."

Mirjam (30)

21. November 2018, Netherlands

"I've received many coachingssessions from Melanie. She is so intuitive, so compassionate and so loving. It was so easy for me to dive into my deepest feelings, because I knew and felt that she was holding space for me in such a powerful and deeply loving way. Every part of me is welcome in her session, even my darkest parts. Her spaceholding is healing in itself. She is an amazing, intelligent and highly intuitive coach."
Andrea (44), founder of Orgasmic Business & Oh my Goddess, www.ohmygoddess.nl

22. November 2018, The Netherlands

"I LOVE how tuned in Melanie is. I felt like she was able to feel whether or not what I was saying was at the 'truest point' that it could be. She asked clarifying questions and I really appreciated that. I also appreciated her explanation of what we were doing throughout the session. She was clear, concise, and it flowed so nicely. I am also grateful for the feedback she pointed out about how my mind was perhaps more confident than my body when it comes to sexually thriving. That has stuck with me and there’s a lot of truth behind that I'm sure will unfold. I really enjoyed being coached by her and felt I got more out of our session together, then I have of most other coaching sessions I did before. Melanie is able to go deep, hold space, and still be gentle. She is a gifted coach and will help a lot of people."
Casey (33)

3. November 2018, Pennsylvania, USA

"I appreciated your loving presence and holding space for me. At my most vulnerable you told me how beautiful I was in my vulnerability and how honored you felt to witness this part of me. That meant a lot, touched me so much. The coaching sessions did a lot for me. They made me realize that I don't have to force things out but instead I can get them out of my system with love. Also, its still a work in progress but you helped me take a big step in surrendering and taking up space. You helped me see that I can be loved and held even when I am not giving. During both sessions you gave me this warm and safe feeling and you truly made me feel seen and heard and accepted. Thank you so much."

Gabriella (25), Artistic Healer

12. December 2018, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

"Melanie's warmth and receptiveness. I appreciated several things from our sessions, but her capacity to truly listen and pay attention to details of things I would comment and tell her, allowed us to get deeper to the source of my questions and issues. She gave me the time to express my thoughts, comments and feelings (which made me feel it wasn't just a pure ''coaching'' but a true dialogue of getting to know me and understand where I was coming from). Melanie managed to help me literally arrive at the core of my fear for why I haven't embarked on my biggest dream [...] - which I hadn't faced before or said out loud. She gave me really different and what felt like very powerful tools to work on releasing these and envisioning the positive of breaking through these."
Raqueli (31)

17. November 2018, New York, USA

Workshop Experiences

“The workshop grounded me my adventures, confirmed and reaffirmed so when i get home those new energies are contained and sustained and become part of me, as I come back to same same but different. In the confidence that makes my interactions change as well, or how others perceive me.”

11. August 2019, Hong Kong, China

“What can I say about Melanie? She is a deep, powerful, amazing yoga teacher & coach with such a loving presence. I absolutely adored her Yoni Yoga Class. I have practiced a lot of yoga, but have never experienced a class that so beautifully incorporated my sexuality and sensuality. Melanie seamlessly blended traditional yoga with yoni breathing and meditation. It was such a new experience to connect to my yoni in such a loving way while flowing through different yoga poses. It honestly helped me have a much more embodied and enlivening yoga experience. Plus, Melanie created such a safe space for me to tune into my body, connect with my yoni and listen to her messages. After the class, my body felt totally different from when I’d started. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and turned on to life! 🙂 Even some shoulder pain I’d been having was almost totally gone. I highly recommend attending any class with Melanie!”
Julia Berryman

September 2019, USA

“Bei dem Wort „Tantra“ hat man so viele, vor allem durch Medien gestiftete, Assoziationen. Nach dem Open up to Bliss Workshop in Berlin war ich daher überrascht, dass es am Ende vor allem aber um eines geht: Selbstliebe.

Melanie und Aumsong haben es direkt in der ersten Sekunde geschafft, eine sehr vertraute und respektvolle Atmosphäre zu schaffen. Der Workshop umfasste Bewegung, Achtsamkeit, Reflektion und Rituale sowie Übungen zur Selbstliebe. Als sehr intensiv habe ich dabei die Übungen empfunden, in denen es darum ging deutlich und klar meinen Willen zu äußern, für mich und meine Bedürfnisse einzustehen und gleichzeitig aber auch bedingungslos Komplimente anzunehmen. In einem Alltag der oftmals von Fremdbestimmung und Ausbeutung des eigenen Selbst geprägt ist, eine unglaublich wertvolle Erfahrung die ich nun versuche ganz selbstverständlich in mein Leben zu lassen."

Lena (32)

7. August 2019, Berlin, Germany