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What are your pitfalls?

And after aaaall these years of sometimes really freaking hard inner work most of the times I trust those other parts and allow them to thrive in my life more and more and more and more.
And, yes, sometimes I still do tumble into one of my pitfalls. But my supportive parts are so strong by now that it usually is nothing more than stumble.

Asking for what you need and want

Asking for what you need and want is empowerment.
Asking for support is a superpower.




If you witness yourself getting (passive) aggressive towards others often,Maybe you want to look into how compassionate you are with yourself. If you witness yourself feeling attracted to emotionally unavailable people,Maybe you want to ask yourself how open you are...

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Tao Feminine Arts with Minke de Vos

Tao Feminine Arts with Minke de Vos

After a week with the wonderful Minke de Vos and Veetao Hogan at such a magical place like Matva Sei, I feel open and centered, nourished and energized – and deeply grateful.

The Tao Tantric wisdom about sacred femininity and sexual energy is something that I wish every girl in the world would have access to from an early age!

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