Empowered Freedom and Authentic Intimacy

I am Melanie Wenzel,

I help people to experience mind-blowing freedom and heart-melting connection. I guide people into the realization that both can only thrive together. 

I help people to feel profoundly safe while stepping into their true power, and taking lead of their needs and desires. I guide people into the realization that taking on full responsibility is the only way into growth and expansion. 

I help people to exceed their full potential in sexuality, love, relating with themselves and with others. I guide people into the realization that once you are (re)connected with yourself, a door opens into a potential that beats their wildest dreams.

My areas of expertise are expansive liberation through unconditional self-love and fierce empowerment, creating nourishing abundance and grounded confidence through connecting to, heightening and navigating your natural sexual energy, experiencing magical deep connection and transformative intimacy on a soul level through embracing presence, revolutionary embodiment, and magnetic authenticity

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Dare to ask for more! Dare to be wild! Dare to be bold!

It is your birthright to feel connected and to feel that you truly belong. It is your birthright to not only survive but to thrive. It’s your birthright to take up space and be BIG. It is your birthright to experience bliss in everyday life. It is your birthright to feel strong, empowered and worthy of whatever and whoever you desire. It is your birthright to be sensual, sexual, primal and raw. It is your birthright to show all of you – the light and the dark. It’s your birthright to claim your voice and speak your truth. And it is your f***ing birthright to be safe, seen, valued and loved.

I am here to guide you from surviving to thriving, I am here to support you unleashing your primal power and your truly fullest potential, I am here to get you profoundly in touch with the magic of your sexual energy, I am here to help you to create authentic intimacy and fulfilling connection with yourself and everyone around you.

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